570N EP Skip Loader Rental

The 570N EP tractor loader rental combines unbeatable lifting strength, ground speeds as fast as 24mp! Our skip loader rental is a user-friendly machine that provides contractors a rental that’s impressively productive. The 570N EP tractor loader has a full-height lifting capacity of 6,503 lb., giving you more than three tons of lifting strength to move, load and stock more piles, palettes and material!

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570N EP Skip Loader Specs:

  • Breakout force:
    • Lift Cylinders: 9,271 lb.
    • Dump Cylinders 9,607 lb.
  • Engine Power: 74 hp| 55 KW
  • Type: Diesel 4-stroke, Turbocharged
  • Open ROPS Canopy
  • 4WD Skip Loader
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